How to Get Rid of a Paper Jam

Getting Rid of Paper Jams

A warning message flashes on the display screen when a paper jam develops. To find and clear the blockage, follow the steps below.

IMPORTANT: Always remove paper without ripping it. Paper fragments that are left over become more difficult to remove. NOTE: The notification directs you to the stuck paper’s position. Proceed to the next relevant location within the machine if paper is not found in the specified place.

The Front Door may need to be opened and closed after removing the jam in some cases before the error notice goes away.

Tray with Multiple Uses

If the machine detects that there is no paper or that it has been wrongly loaded while printing using the ‘Multi-purpose’ Tray, follow the procedures below.

If the sheet is trapped in the feeding region, grab it with both hands and draw it toward you softly and slowly.
Stop tugging, close the multi-purpose tray, and proceed to step two if you can’t discover the jammed sheet or if removing the sheet is difficult.

Place the paper tray on a level place after removing it from the machine.

When removing the paper tray from the machine, maintain it horizontal until it is completely removed. Failure to do so may cause the tray sensor to get dislodged.

Push the two green levers to release and lift the ‘inside cover.’

Grip the sheet evenly and carefully lift it free of the tray with the ‘inner cover’ in the elevated position.

Return the ‘inner cover’ to its original position by lowering it until it clicks into place.

Replace the tray in the machine, making sure that it remains horizontal.

Go to step four if you can’t detect any blocked paper in this region.

Area for Paper Feeding
If there is a jam in the feed region, go to the following step to free the jammed paper.

IMPORTANT: When exposed to light, the four OPCs [green imaging rollers] are light sensitive and will be impacted. DO NOT leave the front door ajar for an extended period of time.

Open the front door using the handle and lower it until it is entirely open.

This location should have jammed paper protruding from behind one of the green image rollers.

Grip the sheet equally on both edges and pull gently to remove it. It’s critical not to rip it, so take it out slowly and gently.

IMPORTANT: Do not attempt to remove stuck paper in a hurry. It’s crucial not to shred the paper because this will result in difficult-to-retrieve paper fragments.

The machine will restart printing if you close the door tightly.

Stop tugging and move to Step Five if you can’t discover the jammed paper or if removing the paper is difficult. Rollers are sensitive to light!

The entrance door should be shut.

Remove the paper tray from the machine. [When removing the tray, keep it horizontal.]

When the tray is removed, a jam in this location will become obvious; gently pull it straight out.

Reinstall the paper tray in the machine by aligning it with the slot.

Open and close the front cover [door]. The printer will begin printing again.

Area of the Fuser
If paper becomes stuck in the fuser unit region, use the methods below to free it.

Because the Fuser is hot, use caution when removing jammed paper from this location and let the machine cool for about 5 minutes.

Raise the top cover until it reaches its full extent. [Note: The decal behind the cover also covers clearing clogs in this location.]

Using the handle, open the inner lid.

The fuser assembly is visible when the ‘inner cover’ is lifted. The Fuser will be quite hot, so pay attention to the high-temperature warning sticker.

Raise the Fuser’s lid and the two green ‘paper jam levers’ at either end.

Any stuck paper in this location is released by raising the ‘paper jam levers.’

If there is any paper trapped in the fuser, carefully remove it, being careful not to rip it or leave any paper pieces in the fuser.

Return both green levers to their original positions of operation.

IMPORTANT: If any bits of paper are left in any of the ‘paper jam zones,’ the Jam Message will reappear when the machine is turned back on. If this region does not have any paper jams, go to step seven.

Area for Paper Exit
If paper becomes stuck in the paper departure area, use the instructions below to free it.

The ‘paper departure region’ refers to the area of the machine where copied or printed paper escapes.

Pull the paper straight out if a lengthy section of it is visible from the front of the exit area.

The machine will restart printing if you open and close the front door firmly. Stop pulling and move to the next technique if there is no paper jammed paper in this region or if there is any resistance to removing paper.

Remove the top cover/scan unit and open it.

Under the cover of the’reverse unit,’ the paper exits into the paper tray.

Using the handle on the’reverse unit,’ open the lid.

Remove the blocked paper from the paper escape path with care.

Stop pulling and use the green’release wheel’ to remove any trapped paper if there is any reluctance in releasing the paper or difficulties holding the paper.

Remove the’reverse unit’ lid and close it. Stop pushing and move to the next stage if you can’t discover the stuck paper in the escape path or there’s resistance.

Lower the door at the back of the machine.

• Remove any visible paper and check for paper jams in other sections of the machine; once all paper has been removed, shut the back door and continue printing.